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SRIT provides tailor made outsourcing services to its clients. We have a strong bench strength of resources and have strong association with resourcing firms across the globe to provide qualified and experienced technology professionals to clients as per their requirement.

Contract Resourcing:

SRIT is fully equipped to supply the best fit multi-national professionals to clients across the globe on time based on the project needs and for any tenure.

In the contract staffing model, resources will be recruited as employees of SRIT and will be outsourced to a client.

The resources will work full time with the client's organization with all payroll and HR undertaken by SRIT.

Benefits of Contract Staffing through SRIT
  1. Reduced employee costs
  2. Freeing up of internal resources and focusing on the client's core business
  3. Recruitment & Replacements whenever required
  4. Customized solutions to the client, such as appraisals, performance reviews, increments and incentives.
  5. One point of contact for the client - a relationship manager - who would serve as the interface and communicate the needs of the client
  6. Employees are assured of statutory entitlements such as medical insurance, annual leave passage and compensation on par with industry standards
  7. An exclusive Employee Care team at SRIT will be in regular contact with deputes, monitoring their satisfaction levels at work and resolving issues that may arise
Permanent Recruitment

Based on client needs, we recommend permanent recruitment for certain key positions.

Our team can take up such assignments in a very specialized manner. We will brainstorm with the client, get a sign off on the requirement and initiate a structured search process.

With reference to the position, the client will be requested to provide information on roles and responsibilities, key performance indicators and desired educational qualification and experience.

SRIT will pre-screen all target candidates to determine a better match for the position.

Upon short-listing, a technical consultant and HR from SRIT will interview and identify the most suitable candidates for presenting to the client.

SRIT will submit a snap shot / CV of each short-listed candidate outlining the essential background and experience to the client. The client will be requested to provide feedback within 3 working days with their selected list of candidates for further process.

SRIT will assist the client in making necessary arrangements to interview the selected candidates. The decision on hiring will be taken by the client on the basis of interview conducted with candidates.

If required, SRIT can assist the successful candidate and the client, to schedule and complete their negotiations and agreement. The client will take responsibility for processing the required work permit and travel papers (if applicable) for the selected candidates.

Migrations and Transfers:

An employee who is part of another contract staffing company may express a wish to join the SRIT. We would welcome him or her to migrate to our company, with the consent of the current employer and statutory approvals.

An employee from another firm may wish to migrate for the following reasons:

  1. Desire to become a part of emerging SRIT
  2. Opportunity to be deputed to work with leading organizations in the private and government sector
  3. Better employee care
  4. Better work environment
  5. Benefit of periodic performance reviews at SRIT and recommendation of incentives

SRIT provides superb benefits to the clients on transferring the existing contract staff to our payrolls.

Client can initiate the transfer and approach us with a request to transfer contract staff deputed by another staffing company or transfer some of their current employees to SRIT payrolls.

Client Company can approach for transfer of contract staff to SRIT for the following reasons or in certain situations:
  1. Reducing the cost
  2. Challenges in service levels with their current staffing company
  3. Dissatisfaction of contract staff with their current staffing company
  4. Elimination of transactional challenges with reference to permanent hire of employees
  5. No cap on headcount as the deputies do not come under the employer's visa quota
  6. Transparency in cost structure with break up on line items
Your benefits through SRIT:
  1. We offer a minimum of 2 to 5 percent of cost reduction than what you are paying to the current staffing company with a guaranteed YOY reductions.
  2. A separate "Relationship manager" would be appointed to take care of your business needs and serve you better.
  3. Team building activities would be conducted on regular intervals.
  4. Employee performance and issues would be ever monitored and addressed immediately.
  5. Ramp up and Ramp down would be very quick and very opt
  6. We do not believe in robbing the client, we believe in long term relationship.
  7. No hidden charges
  8. Client can in source any employee