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Achieve The Excellence Through Our Quality Assurance Services


SR Intelligent Technologies (SRIT) is an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 Certified IT Services Company specialized in the below mentioned verticals;

  1. Banking and Financial Industries.
  2. Telecommunication Industries
  3. Insurance and Reinsurance Industries
  4. Health Care Industries
  5. Retail and Logistics Industries

Banking/Financial Services

In this evolving era of banking and its associated processes, automation and customer experience are at the helm of every banks agenda, of course abiding by the regulatory compliances. In an endeavor to improve their existing processes, so as to capitalize the growth opportunities in the market, most of the banks are embarking on a journey of moving from their legacy systems to a digitization enabled platform which can help the bank make their vision a reality, in turn providing the customer a rich and fulfilling experience of banking with them.

SRIT would partner with the bank in achieving this vision and has the experience, resources and skills that banking and financial institutions need. Through deep industry knowledge, we find methods to help banks do things differently and generate new ideas that change how businesses operate and compete. We also have competency in handling middleware testing for core banking projects.

SRIT has experience in Transformations, Upgradations, Migrations and Greenfield implementation projects.

Our Capabilities
  1. Core Banking Transformations and implementations across Branch operations, CASA, Deposits, Loans, Trade Finance, Channels like internet Banking Mobile banking, Payment systems. In all a rich experience on Digitization of banks
  2. Other peripheral applications like Cards - Application processing system, Debit card registration to ATM testing encompassing the entire suite of test cases related to Patch testing, Fake note testing, Currency template testing, Orientation testing, Mastercard testing, VISA card testing, POS testing, Reversals testing, Card reader testing
Benefits of Engaging with us
  1. SRIT has been associated as testing partner with leaders in the Banking space across the functional spectrum like retail banking, corporate banking, mortgages, cards and payments.
  2. SRIT has been part of testing projects across diverse industry standard products like Finacle, Silverlake, Temenos, Flex cube, R-Systems, Kastle, iMAL, Eclipse, Ethix
  3. By virtue of having in-depth domain understanding, SRIT assures a consistent and seamless experience to our customers across all channels.

Cards and Payments

Like most of the financial institutions, the Cards and Payments companies too are in the process of digitizing their processes by moving away from legacy systems to new technologies, in a pursuit to manage risks better and introducing new offerings to the market, in more fast and effective manner. Automation for higher efficiency, better productivity and reduced costs, is an agenda which they too thrive upon. This could involve the upgradation or transformation of their existing applications combined with the upliftment of their hardware stack, which obviously is the backbone to their infrastructure landscape.

With the increasing reach to the internet and mobile technology and apps available in the market, the traditional way in which this business ran, is now being replaced by channels doing the task for them. Being tech savvy and up to date on market needs, both technologically and functionally is the current mantra in this field.

SRIT helps such institutions assure the quality of their application landscape across a wide range of technologies and development environments. SRIT provides comprehensive testing services for the below areas:

  1. Credit Decision Management
  2. Credit Management
  3. Collection Tracking Analysis
  4. Account services management
  5. Financial Authorization
  6. Transaction Management
  7. Loyalty Management
  8. Origination and Issuance
  9. Risk Management
  10. Pricing
  11. Relationship Contract Management
Internet and Mobile Solutions

SRIT has extensive experience in testing Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, IVR, ATM and Portal solutions through its resources who have worked for reputed banks across the globe in channel testing for several years and delivered numerous projects.

Expertise in test automation of internet banking and mobile banking services

We have an established mobile testing lab which consists of all phone variants for our mobile banking testing engagements, which includes but not limited to:

  1. IPhone, Samsung, Black Berry, Nokia, Huawei,
  2. Micro max, LG, Motorola, HTC, Sony and Microsoft
Our Capabilities

We cover the following areas while testing of Internet Banking & Mobile Banking Solutions:

  1. Account Services
  2. Credit Card Services
  3. Deposits, Loans, Finances, Fund Transfers, Bill Payments

Insurance, Investments, Premium Banking and Wealth Management for both Retail Banking and Corporate Banking for account customers and card customers either New to Bank or Existing Customers

Telecommunication Services:

SRIT has an in-depth knowledge in the telecom business areas that enhances team's understanding of a given legacy process

The below mentioned are few of the expertise areas but not limited to;

  1. Pre-sales (Discounts, Services, Promos…etc.)
  2. Ordering (New Connections/Existing Connections/Disconnections…etc.)
  3. Provisioning
  4. Billing
  5. Service Assurance
  6. Inventory Systems
  7. Tracking
  8. Reports and dashboards
  9. Customer feedback and satisfaction surveys
  10. Lead Generation

Insurance and Reinsurance Services

SRIT has an in-depth knowledge in insurance & reinsurance business which helps us identifying potential bottlenecks and regression impacts.

Our familiarity with insurance domain especially in the below mentioned areas would help our clients to grow their business and meet their requirements in the very first moment,

  1. Assumption reinsurance
  2. Business overhead expense disability Insurance
  3. Aviation insurance
  4. Death bonds
  5. General insurance
  6. Health insurance
  7. Home insurance
  8. Mortgage Insurance
  9. Pet insurance
  10. Property insurance
  11. Reinsurance
  12. Travel insurance
  13. Vehicle insurance

Healthcare Services

SRIT has an in-depth expertise in the Health Care domain business areas which would help our clients achieve their goals with no overhead cost, lag or training.

  1. Out Patient
  2. In Patient
  3. Day care patient
  4. Registration
  5. Lab module (Bio Chemistry, Hematology, Histopathology, Micro Biology)
  6. Billing
  7. Radiology
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Material Management
  10. Operation Theatre
  11. HR
  12. Doctors and wards
  13. Enterprise scheduler
  14. Payroll Processing
  15. Admin
  16. Financial Management
  17. House Keeping
  18. Emergency and Ambulance
  19. Ward Management

Retail & Logistics Services

SRIT has an in-depth knowledge in Retail & Logistics business which helps us identifying potential bottlenecks and helps the clients in the business process reengineering.

Our familiarity with Retail & Logistics domain especially in the below mentioned areas would help our clients to grow their business and meet their requirements in the very first moment,

Supply Chain Management:
  1. Supplier Management
  2. Sourcing
  3. Distribution
  4. Replenishment
  5. Inventory
  6. Purchase Order Management
  7. Foreign Trade
  8. Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  9. CPFR
  10. Warehouse Management
  11. Transportation
  12. Reverse Logistics
  13. Visibility & Tracking
  14. Logistics
  15. Procurement
  16. Stores Allocation
  17. Demand Management
  18. Price & Campaign Management
  19. Promotions
  20. Assortment
  21. Allocations
  22. Category Management
  23. Item Planning
  24. Space Optimization
  25. Value Chain Collaboration
  26. Trade Management
  27. Sales Audit
  28. Invoicing
  29. Merchandising System
  30. Physical Store
  31. Online Store
  32. Mail & Catalogue
  33. POS
  34. Workforce Management
  35. Advanced Store Technologies
  36. Gift Registry
  37. Backoffice Integration
  38. Central Office
  39. Labels & Tags
  40. Mobile POS
  41. Store Inventory Management
  42. Returns Management
  43. Loss Prevention
  44. Performance Management
  45. Real Estate management
  46. Asset Management
  47. MDM
  48. Finance
  49. HR
  50. Business Intelligence
  51. IT
  52. Sales Management
  53. Marketing Management
  54. CSM
  55. Analytics CRM
  56. Call Center
  57. Customer Loyalty & Preferences
  58. GDS
  59. Standards
  60. RFID